Introduction to the Website World

The first website ever launched was in 1991. Forward to 2017, and now there are over 1 Billion indexed websites worldwide along with over 3 Billion internet users, which is expected to double to 6 Billion by 2021.

The internet revolution has sparked the beginning of a new asset class - digital properties. Digital properties are highly profitable as they exhibit very lucrative characteristics such as - significantly low overhead, strong scalability and large variety of revenue sources.

Who We Are

Digital Assets International (“DAI”) is an alternative investment vehicle that strategically acquires and manages a global portfolio of profitable websites (PW).We bring a best-in-class group of investors and together, offer a wealth of experience, knowledge and investment capability. Together, we will work closely with you to craft a customized deal to meet your objectives. Together, we are committed to long-term growth and to carrying on your legacy.

What We Do

We are committed to acquiring or investing in digital assets across North America, operating them via active management and growing them with the support of best-in-class Board of Directors. Our goal is to facilitate an appealing exit option for you, the Entrepreneur. We will work closely with you to structure a deal that is tailored to achieve your specific needs while ensuring a seamless transition that minimizes distractions and maintains continuity for all parties. We will assume daily operational responsibilities in the businesses we acquire or invest in. Our hands on approach demonstrates our dedication to building a prosperous portfolio of companies for the long-term.

Click here to see how DAI has helped grow numerous businesses and what the sellers had to say

What Makes Us Different?

We focus on long-term growth as we immerse ourselves in daily operations and foster mutually rewarding relationships for the organization’s operators, customers, employees, investors, and broader community. We are highly sensitive to the relationships binding all these parties and recognize each transaction is distinctive and involves many non-financial concerns. Our team has a significant amount of experience navigating these issues that exists in the digital property acquisition space. We offer a better alternative to the lack of traditional opportunities currently presented in the digital properties space, while working on a strictly confidential basis to address your unique needs.


“While maybe not conventional, I wanted to reach out personally and thank the DAI team for helping the transaction of [my business] go quickly and smoothly so far. I also appreciate the opportunity to retain a bit of equity in the business. DAI clearly knows what they are doing over and are true professionals to work with. I hope this can be just the beginning of a long term, mutually beneficial business relationship with DAI.”

Background: Bryan sold his e-commerce business to DAI to work on a new project. Given DAI’s flexible deal terms - he was able to get a big payday and retain a small equity portion in the business.

Bryan Jones

“I just wanted to say thanks to the DAI team for the opportunity to live the lifestyle I always dreamed about. Sorry about the lack of updates currently, but I am in vacation mode with the Mrs. at Santorini, Greece!”

Background: Andrew sold a portion of his online business to fund his ambitious growth plans. He is now part of DAI’s growing management team of experienced online business operators and has continued to grow his business working with DAI.

Andrew James
Entrepreneur and DAI Operator

Why Sell Your Digital Asset to Us?

Digital Assets International

Traditional Private Equity

Value Creation

Strategically integrate your digital asset into our portfolio and turn your ideas into a legacy

Single-target operational improvement

Time Horizon

No predetermined deadlines. Focus on the long-term growth and success of the businesses

3-5 Years, driven by the need of the investors

Source of Funds

Investment Partners (KES VII Capital, US Global), Strategic Partners (Digistrats, Wired Investors), Financial Institutions, Investors

Investors, Financial Institutions


Very High. We have the best-in-class professionals to manage your company on a daily basis

Moderate. Traditional PE companies might not monitor their holdings every day

Why Invest With Us?


Traditional PE/ Alternative Investments

Equity Investments

Fixed Income Investments


IRR of 20%+

Around 10% IRR

5-10% Return under the current investment environment

Less than 5%


Medium-Low. We hold a number of smaller investments (<$5M), which diversifies our return.

3-5 Years, driven by the need of the investors




High. We have a wide network of funding and will ensure that your investment is liquid

Investors, Financial Institutions




Very High. We actively manage all of our digital holdings on a daily basis

Moderate. Traditional PE companies might not monitor their holdings every day



Investing Partners

KES VII Capital (“KES VII”) is a “hybrid” merchant bank that targets bespoke investments for both its own capital and that of its funding partners. In addition to creating and/or finding high-quality, high-growth, private companies, KES VII has an active advisory business and a trading operation that provides liquidity for private company securities.

In March, 2015, KES VII opened an office in Montreal and extended our investment focus to life sciences and innovative technologies through the creation of the Healthcare and Technology Group (“HaT” Group).

U.S. Global Investors, Inc. is an innovative investment manager with vast experience in global markets and specialized sectors. Founded as an investment club, the company became a registered investment adviser in 1968 and has a longstanding history of global investing and launching first-of-their kind investment products. U.S. Global Investors is well known for expertise in gold and precious metals, natural resources and emerging markets.

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